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Andrea Gabel

Andrea Gabel, MD

Family Physician

Next available: Thursday, August 8th

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Andrea Gabel

Dr. Andrea Gabel strives to treat every person she cares for like a family member. She learned, through being a long term caregiver for her mother with cancer and grandmother with Alzheimer's disease, that navigating the health system often leaves people feeling frustrated and isolated. She sets goals of truly listening to all people in her care and being available to them whenever they need her. Dr. Gabel values being part of a Harbor Health Team of providers that surround a person with care, understanding and the education to understand their health journeys. ‍ Dr. Gabel has practiced in a variety of settings during her more than twenty-five years in health care. She has worked in military medicine, Veterans Affairs medicine, telemedicine, corporate medicine, geriatrics and with underserved populations. She has training in “lifestyle medicine” that she incorporates into her practice. She guides people in making lifestyle changes that could benefit their health. In her personal health journey, Dr. Gabel focuses on four lifestyle areas: a healthy diet, exercise, good quality sleep and stress management.

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