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Preparing for COVID-19 in the cold and flu season

June 20, 2023
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Preparing for COVID-19 in the cold and flu season

Is it possible to have COVID-19 and the cold or flu at the same time? This is a common question we hear as we get into the thick of cold and flu season. Dr. Luci Leykum, our Chief Clinical Officer, recently shared insight for a WebMD article on this topic. Luckily, having more than one respiratory virus at the same time – while possible – is uncommon.

It’s important to ensure you’re doing everything possible to stay healthy during cold and flu season. This is especially true if you are at a higher risk for complications from illnesses such as asthma or other chronic conditions. Here are some top tips:

Get Vaccinated

You can lower your chance of getting sick with the COVID-19 and flu vaccines. While it does not completely protect you from infection, it can help to prevent serious illness and lower your chances of needing urgent care. In another WebMD article, Dr. Leykum shared, “All the studies have shown [a vaccine] does prevent more severe infection if you get sick.”

Get Tested

As soon as you begin feeling sick, get tested for COVID-19 and the flu. If you have one of these illnesses, antiviral medications can be a part of your treatment plan – but they only work if you take them soon after you begin having symptoms. Dr. Leykum recommends, “Don't wait to see how you feel. Just come in and get tested.”

Follow the Guidelines

We’re sure you’ve heard the typical recommendations on what to do to help prevent COVID-19 – from wearing a mask to physical distancing during large gatherings. Dr. Leykum advises combining these practices to help prevent against the flu and other illnesses. She says, “Things that help protect against one – wearing masks, staying farther apart – help protect against the other.”

Check in with Us

If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are currently seeing new patients at both our Round Rock and Central Austin locations and treat both adults and children. For same day or next day appointments, you can contact our team at Harbor Health here.

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