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Harbor Health Expanding its Multi-Specialty Care Footprint in Central Texas

June 20, 2023
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Harbor Health Expanding its Multi-Specialty Care Footprint in Central Texas

Harbor Health Expanding its Multi-Specialty Care Footprint in Central Texas With More than 30 Additional Clinicians; Opening 7 new clinics by end of 2023

In less than one year, Harbor Health, a multi-specialty care group that treats infants, children, adolescents and adults, has more than tripled the number of its clinicians and plans to employ approximately 200 people by the end of 2023, all to meet the expanding primary and specialty care needs of Central Texans.

Harbor Health opened its doors in September of 2022 and was co-founded by Dell Medical School’s inaugural dean, Dr. Clay Johnston, and Tony Miller who has spent more than two decades working to improve the health industry through new ventures.

Providers in Central Texas recognize that Harbor Health has created an entirely new healthcare delivery system and want to join the practice. Austin and the surrounding areas continue to grow exponentially, and Harbor Health is responding with better access to healthcare.

“Harbor Health differs from traditional healthcare delivery approaches because we’re proactive when it comes to people’s needs and more focused on achieving better outcomes,” explains Dr. Johnston. “This ultimately reduces wasteful healthcare spending”.

Every person who is seen at Harbor Health has a health team that is customized to their health needs. If needed, they can have a physician, nurse, pharmacist, health coach and specialist on their side to help them achieve their health goals.

The team surrounds the client with education, guidance and support and works collaboratively with the person on a care plan to achieve health goals. Clients can expect to spend more time with their clinician during each of their appointments compared to the national average of a little more than 17 minutes, according to data.

Expansion plans include creating a call center, and opening seven new clinics across Central Texas by the end of 2023. Five locations are planned to open this fall in Round Rock, Westlake, Northwest Austin and Southeast Austin. They will also be offering Express Care across the area serving the community with after-hours and weekend care.

Harbor Health recently announced the addition of a new mobile medical clinic called ‘Bluebonnet”’ that is meeting the primary care needs of educators, school administrators, and their families in two Central Texas school districts. The company plans to add a second mobile clinic called “Armadillo” later this summer, bringing the total number of clinics to 12 by the end of 2023.

“For more than two decades, it’s been my mission to redefine healthcare by making it consumer-driven,” says Mr. Miller. “Harbor Health is achieving this by surrounding people with a high-quality, dedicated health team, giving people more options when it comes to their care plans and staying connected to them all along their health journey.”

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